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The GGB Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium takes place each year in mid-September right before fall quarter begins.  Our GGB Graduate Student Association organizes and executes the day with presentations from third year continuing GGB students and postdoctoral fellows.  Also, there is a poster session open to undergraduate and GGB graduate students.  This is a great opportunity to display the breath of research and  accomplishments of our students.  The symposium also serves as a welcome to our new students.

Best Student Presentation Awardees
2016 Symposium Schedule
2015 Symposium Schedule

2015 Symposium Chair:  Michael Matson

2014 Symposium Schedule

2014 Symposium Chair:  Caroline Sjogren

2013 Symposium Schedule

2013 Symposium Chair:  Stephanie Coffman

2012 Symposium Schedule 

2012 Symposium Chair:  Keira Lucas

2011 Symposium Schedule 

2011 Symposium Chair:  Hagop Atamian

2010 Symposium Schedule

2010 Symposium Chairs:  Rizi Ai and Patrick Schacht

2009 Symposium Schedule

2009 Symposium Chair:  Shruti Lal

2008 Symposium Schedule

2008 Symposium Chair:  Nadia Qureshi

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