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The Graduate Program in Genetics, Genomics & Bioinformatics (GGB) at UC Riverside is a multidisciplinary Ph.D. program. It offers modern integrative training across genetics, genomics and bioinformatics with opportunities to specialize in one or more experimental or computational disciplines.



Science News

Vibrio cholerae bacterium
Microbiome confers resistance to cholera
Many parts of the world are in the midst of a deadly pandemic of cholera, an extreme form of watery diarrhea. UC Riverside scientists have discovered specific gut bacteria make some people resistant to it — a finding that could save lives.
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Why are plants green?
UC Riverside-led research team’s model to explain photosynthesis lays out the next challenging phase of research on how green plants transform light energy into chemical energy
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An artist's rendering of the planet Au Mic b
Newly discovered planet zips around baby star in a week
The discovery gives scientists a front seat to the earliest stages of planet formation
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microscope image of plant cells
Biologists unravel tangled mystery of plant cell growth
When cells don’t divide into proper copies of themselves, living things fail to grow as they should. For the first time, scientists now understand how a protein called TANGLED1 can lead to accurate cell division in plants. 
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