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Graduate Students, Stephen Bolaris and Caroline Sjogren Win Best Poster!

July 21, 2014

Congratulations to Stephen Bolaris and Caroline Sjogren for winning "Best Poster" at the 2014 Plant Genome Stability and Change Conference at UC Davis, July 17-20, 2014.  The poster title was "Aluminum promotes root growth inhibition through an ATR- and SOG1-mediated response." Good job!

Dr. Weifeng Gu is the newest GGB Faculty Member

May 20, 2014

Dr. Weifeng Gu has joined GGB as its newest faculty member.  Dr. Gu's research focuses on Non-coding small RNAs in gene regulation and anti-virus.  Welcome Dr. Gu!

Graduate Student, Keira Lucas, Receives Two Awards!

November 25, 2013

Keira Lucas has received the Earle C. Anthony Travel award for her talk, "Characterization of microRNA's involved in regulation of mosquito gonadotrophic cycles" which was presented at the Entomology Society of America Annual Meeting – Entomology 2013 in Austin, Texas.  Keira  presented her research regarding the use of newly established transgenic tools in mosquito to better understand the tissue specific action of miRNAs during the female mosquito reproductive life stages. She also received an ESA Entomology 2013 Program Enhancement Fund from the conference organizers.  Congratulations Keira!

Welcome Fall 2013 Incoming GGB Graduate Students!

September 27, 2013

We welcome our new incoming Fall 2013 Graduate Students, (L-R) Ruidong Li, Yahui Li, Thanin Chantarachot, Stephen Bolaris, and Erin Sternburg.

13F new students

Congratulations to Stephanie Coffman for Best Presentation; Jinfeng Lu for Honorable Mention; and Michael Matson for Best Poster at the 2013 GGB Graduate Student Research Symposium

September 27, 2013

We thank all the students for their outstanding presentations and the faculty members who participated in the 2013 Graduate Student Research Symposium.  This year Dr. Bradley White gave the keynote address, postdocs were invited to give presentations and there was a poster session.  Undergraduate students were invited to participate in the poster session.  Thanks again to everyone for making this year's symposium a success!  Click here for pictures.

Welcome to GGB's Newest Faculty Member, Dr. Gregor Blaha

July 9, 2013

An enthusiastic welcome to Dr. Gregor Blaha, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry.

Dr. Blaha's research is on the environmental influence on the physiology of eubacterial cells.

Welcome to GGB!

Dr. Ted Karginov joins GGB

March 21, 2013

We are happy to announce that Dr. Ted Karginov has joined GGB.  Dr. Karginov's research focuses on small RNAs and RNA-binding proteins in gene regulation.

Welcome Dr. Karginov!

Graduate Student, Divya Sain, Receives the Klotz Award

January 16, 2013

Congratulations to Divya Sain who received the Klotz Memorial Award award of $1000 and a UCR GSA Travel Grant award of $300 to present her research,  ' A RNA-Seq directed functional genomics screen to identify novel cell wall genes in the hyphal tip of Neurospora crassa' at the 26th Fungal Genetics Conference at Asilomar, Pacific Grove, CA (12-17th March 2013).

Dr. I-Chueh Huang and Dr. Julia Lyubovitsky join GGB

November 15, 2012

We welcome Dr. I-Chueh Huang and Dr. Julia Lyubovitsky to GGB!

Dr. Huang's research objective is to contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the innate immune control of viral infections, and help create novel therapies for viral diseases based on this understanding.

Dr. Lyubovitsky's laboratory is pursuing interdisciplinary research spanning disciplines such as Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Engineering with a goal to develop molecular level understanding and control of protein/peptide assembly and disassembly and to apply this knowledge to diseases, tissue engineering, nanotechnology and biomaterials.

Again, a warm welcome to GGB!

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